Avram Worldwide Headquarters

Company Info

Mission Statement

Avram Worldwide is an ethnically diverse provider of business initiatives and solutions that competitively position our clients in the marketplace. We achieve this with an employee centric culture that affords a balance between personal and professional goals.

Value Statement

Avram Worldwide Core Values are Diversity, Leadership, Flexibility and Sustainability, guided by a moral compass, where we think, say and do the right thing.

Our Location

More than 65% of the U.S. population lives within a 700 mile radius of Indianapolis. The interconnecting highways in Indianapolis make it easy for drivers to get into the city and around its locales, making it an ideal place for business transportation, distribution and logistics. Over 76% of the US Population is covered within three business days ground time-in-transit from Indianapolis.

Our History

Avram Worldwide was created by a team of business professionals with over 100 years of transportation, logistics and supply chain experience. As founders and employees of MegaSys Inc. a $125 million dollar provider, which was acquired by Yellow Transportation in 2002, the management team has demonstrated its ability to provide a superior service, profitable growth and quality work environment.