Order Fullfilment

Avram's services and solutions are built on our commitment to customer service and operational excellence in collateral fulfillment. Our technology and infrastructures are fully integrated, ensuring that your fulfillment program is secure, accurate, efficient, and effective. So whether you're looking to reduce your time to market, streamline your business processes, increase response rates, or improve your ROI, Avram can design a customized program that meets your needs. All of Avram's service offerings are driven by our online Avramnet system-a "workplace" type web interface that allows users to: order and manage inventory, manage users, and generate reports. Our system is fully integrated thereby providing real-time access to all information.

Product & Literature Fulfillment

There's more to fulfillment than meets the eye. Here's a sampling of the many fulfillment processes involved in getting your orders processed and fulfilled on-time.

  • Receiving. The fulfillment process starts when your product hit our dock. We count everything that enters our fulfillment facility. Why? Because we want to make sure you get what you paid for! Another benefit of a stringent receiving process is to eliminate inventory errors and supply chain problems. Once your inventory is received, it is put-away in its own specially labeled and bar-coded zone.
  • Order processing. Your orders may arrive to us via the phone, fax, mail, e-mail or a web site. In the case of mail and faxes, we key the orders into our fulfillment system upon their arrival. If you're using our call centers, one of our Customer Service Agents (CSR) will enter the order directly into our system. E-mail and Web orders are imported automatically using one of our many technical tools.
  • All orders are Address Validated. This extra step insures that your orders don't end up in the great void known as the dead letter file.
  • Pick, Pack and Ship Orders. Orders are fulfilled around the clock. In fact, in the case of web orders, the order is typically pick and packed shortly after being placed.
  • E-mail Confirmation. Immediately upon shipping, your e-customers can receive an e-mail confirming that their order has been fulfilled. We include the carrier information and the tracking number, which is hot-linked to the carrier's web site.
  • Business-to-Business EDI. Many of our clients sell directly to consumers and to corporate retailers. We support EDI transaction sets and perform all types of Vendor Compliance fulfillment tasks.