Do you know of any other contract warehousing & fulfillment service that can say they've never lost a client to a competitor? We don't dispute that mistakes can happen, because they occasionally do. But at our contract warehousing & fulfillment service we work with our clients as partners. Our company settles any discrepancies to their satisfaction. We guarantee everything we do. Our contract warehousing & fulfillment associates do just about anything our clients need done. On any given day they cut postcards, rewind video tapes, label vitamin bottles and shrink-wrap books, just to name a few of their favorite activities. Call and ask how we can be of service to your business.

What is Contract Warehousing?

Contract warehousing is similar to public warehousing other than the owner of the goods absorbs some of the cost risks by making a commitment to pay fees whether or not the space is utilized. The risks being shared by both the owner of the goods and the warehouse company means the costs of contract warehousing be less than public warehousing costs.